A Personalized Approach

to making Fitness part of your Lifestyle

The only at-home functional training where one-on-one guidance meets group fitness. Feel connected no matter where you are with easy-to-follow workouts to build Stability, Strength & Power.  An achievable body and sustainable fitness starts here.

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What is FitAttraction?

FitAttraction is an at-home wellness journey that equips you with personalized plans targeting stability, strength, and power through functional fitness training. Instead of relying on a library of impersonal workouts, our highly attentive and simple approach starts with a private consultation, applied to our LIVE curated group sweat sessions combined with one-on-one feedback. A one-of-its-kind in online fitness, our professional instructors not only understand your individual challenges, but help you set your fitness goals then motivate you to reach them, while in the privacy and comfort of your own home.
Designed and founded by two New York city women from two different generations, combining over 20 years of experience transforming the female body, FitAttraction welcomes you to a community of real women, attracting real transformations shaped to their unique bodies and lifestyles.

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What you get with a FitAttraction plan:

Private consultation

Start your journey with a friendly one-on-one. Balance objectives, establish your workout modifications and intensity levels for your mile-a-minute lifestyle.

Customized fitness plans

Get moving with your month-long plan and start with just 35-minutes 3 times a week or even daily - you choose!. Whether you’re new to the fitness world or looking to get back to feeling your best, we’ll help you shape an achievable and sustainable regimen that attracts the results you want.

Targeted workouts

Sweat with fellow FitAttractors during daily class in your own virtual studio. Can’t make it? Catch the recordings on your own time and never miss a workout. Need accountability? Build connections and receive the push you need to get it done. Feeling shy? Choose from the new privacy camera option on our Live platform to keep moving with just you and your instructor.

Program check-in

Your personal follow-up and private access to our fitness experts so you can see results sooner. We touch base with you monthly to see how you’re feeling, offer advice, and share positive vibes. It’s like having your own personal trainer at-home, any time.

FitAttraction workout bands

The only gear you need. Receive a FREE set of multi-resistance sculpting bands used in many of our workouts. Easy to use, store and travel with so you can take control of your transformation no matter where you are.

Our Fitness Philosophy

The foundation to a sustainable pain-free, feel-good body is when joint-motion and muscle activation work effectively from head-to-toe. Our full-body sequences promote core stabilization, mobility, strength, cardiovascular endurance, agility, and balance.

These key elements are expanded upon in our daily targeted “attraction” classes that cater to your individual objectives and areas of improvement.

Attract Stability!

The foundation for advancing your fitness goals. Connect to your center of gravity using core-stabilizing sequences and bodyweight transfers. Improve balance and gain abdominal control to build a healthy spine and move pain-free.


Attract Power!


Get the endorphins pumping with high-intensity cardio and conditioning intervals. They lay the groundwork for a do-anything mindset. Increase cardiovascular endurance, boost focus and mood, and target fat burn.

Attract Strength!

Forgo fancy equipment for transformative bodyweight exercises. Sculpt, tone, and define muscle groups with our multi-level resistance bands—included in your plan. Learn to move your muscles in proper synergy so you can feel stronger, longer!


The Women Behind the Workout


Melanie Giliati and Kimberly Sirico Konopka were busy bouncing between Manhattan and Brooklyn fitness classes, juggling mandates, and contending with different studio owners who all had their own ambitions. They were experiencing a bit of a disconnect. Then, COVID came. And like that, they were severed from their community altogether. 

Driven to reconnect, they considered the law of attraction—that what we put out into the universe comes back to us. So, to reclaim their fitness community, they decided to develop their own program. They shaped it around what Melanie and Kimberly call their three foundational attractions: Attract Strength, Attract Power and Attract Stability.

The program immediately took off. Right away, they realized that to maintain their personalized approach, they’d have to level up and offer more than just workouts. With FitAttraction, connectivity and accountability remain the name of the game. Melanie and Kimberly chat with you personally, attentively guide you through challenging routines, and craft a fitness plan attuned to your realities.


Melanie Giliati

Melanie Giliati studied as a professional theatre and film actor. During her education, she garnered a deep understanding of body awareness, which eventually led to a career as a certified Pilates instructor in Manhattan. She completed her Personal Trainer certification from the National Academy of Sports Medicine (NASM), where she also currently obtained a certification in Corrective Exercise Specialization.

“Fitness became my therapy during a toxic time in my life. After months of walking by a Pilates Studio in Manhattan, I finally took the initiative to do something for  “Me” and asked about becoming an instructor.  The energy strength and support I received from fitness during those challenging moments in the past was exactly what I knew I could give back to someone one day and so much more.”


Kimberly Sirico Konopka

Kimberly Sirico Konopka grew up with a love of dancing, a passion that prompted her to branch out to other fitness disciplines. Among her many licenses, she is certified as an AFAA Group Fitness Instructor and ACE Personal Trainer. In addition to her work with FitAttraction, she instructs kickboxing, trampoline, and barre.

When experiencing burn-out after working years at the stock exchange, I walked out of the Twin Towers in 2011 minutes before they came down, called my father, and told  him I was moving to Arizona and becoming a Pilates instructor.  After 20 years as a fitness professional, I knew that day I had made the most important decision of my life”

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